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Highlights of Flores - Kelimutu - ethnic villages - Komodo Dragons & Pink Beach - 5 Days/4 Nights

Maumere - Kelimutu - Luba & Bena - Komodo on Rinca Island - Snorkeling on Pink Beach

Day 1:

Transfer from airport to Moni village at the foot of Kelimutu

Pick up from the airport in Maumere or Ende, continue to Moni. From the airport in Maumere the journey takes 3.5-4 hrs and from airport Ende 1.5-2.5 hours. If you arrive in Maumere at lunch time , then on the way to Moni it is possible to visit Sikka village and the wonderful Koka Beach. Accommodation in a bungalow in Kelimutu Eco Lodge which is remote located surrounded by beautiful natur just outside the Moni village.

Day 2:

The 3-colored Lakes of the Volcano Kelimutu - Bajawa

Kelimutu is a volcano near the Moni village in Central Flores in Indonesia. The Volcano Kelimutu consists of three crater Lakes, which have different colors because of minerals. The colors of the Lakes have changed several times dramatically over the last years. The Lunar of crater is a hideout of the spirits according to the beliefs of the locals. Then the souls of boys and girls live in the Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai , which change the color between turquoise, blue and white greenish In Tiwu Ata Polo the sinner wait till night, to fly up with the wind and destroy every living Intruder. This lake change the colors between red, dark green, dark red and green color. The souls of the ancients rest in the Tiwu Ata Bupu. The now almost black Lake was once dark blue then light blue to white. The name of Kelimutu itself in the local language means 'keli' = 'mountain' and 'mutu' = 'boiling'.

On this day, we have to get up early in the morning and after a cup of coffee or tea, we drive to the volcano Kelimutu. After 30 minutes we reach the parking lot, and here a pleasant walk about 1.5 km and 127 stairs leads to the terrace of Mount Kelimutu at 1690 m altitude. From here, you have wonderful views of all three colored crater Lakes of Kelimutu and the surrounding countryside. Approximately at 10: 00 fog or clouds can come up and prevent the view so it is important to be up at least between 8 and 9. In the midst of this lunar landscape, the colors of the Lakes look spectacular. It's always a surprise what colors the Kelimutu Lakes will have when we visit.

From Kelimutu, we descend to the Hotel for breakfast, and than continue our trip to Ende, with a stop at fruit market of Nduaria on the roadside. Lunch is at a local Restaurant in Ende.

After lunch, we continue driving to Bajawa with stop at Penggajawa to observe the colored stones along turquoise, green even red, and they are prized by local people. On the way, we take a short walk to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape.

In the afternoon we arrive at Bajawa. Accommodation depend on availability and your choice in Hotel Happy Happy or in Villa Manulalu.

Day 3:

traditional village Bena - flight to Labuan Bajo - Komodo National Park

After an early breakfast, we make a trip to Bena village one of the best preserved traditional villages in Ngada district. The village consists of two rows of centuries old houses covered with grass. In the middle of the village, there's a sacrificial stones anc cult houses, which were used for ritual ceremonies and sacrificial offerings. The people, who today lives here are Christians but some of the old traditions and ancestor worship are still alive.

Then you will be transferred to airport in Bajawa and after a short flight you will reach Labuan Bajo, where you will be picked up by an English speaking guide and brought to the harbor in Labuan Bajo. Here your private boat with cabins and crew is waiting. Your 2 days sail in Komodo National Park, home to the Komodo lizards and famous for his spectacular under water world start. First we sail to Kelor Island for snorkeling and continue then to Kalong Island , where you can see a large colony of flying foxes as they leaves the island at dusk in all directions. Lunch and dinner will be served on boat. Overnight stay on the boat near the coast of Rinca Island.

Day 4:

Rinca Island - Pink Beach - Padar Island - Labuan Bajo

Very early in the morning we start a 2 hour hike on Rinca Island where we will very likely observe Komodo dragons when they leave there hideouts and go into the sun. The hike leads through a landscape dotted with Lonta Palm trees. We will see not only the Komodo but we will see other animals, such as Timor deer, buffalo, monkeys, wild boars, and exotic birds and have breathtaking views of the slopes. After returning to the boat while you have cozy breakfast we will sail to Pink Beach, where you can relax on the beach or while snorkeling, discover the wonderfull underwater world of the Komodo National parks. In the afternoon we make stops for snorkeling at the Manta Point and if you want, you can climb the view point of Padar Island before sailing back to Labuan Bajo.

Day 5:

Departure from Flores Island

The tour ends with the transfer to the airport in Labuan Bajo. If you have an afternoon flight , than we can offer optional half day excursion to Melo for performance of Caci - ritual whip fight dance .

Koka Beach - Flores Island - Indonesia
Koka Beach
Volcano Kelimutu - Flores Island - Indonesia
Volcano Kelimutu
Rice fields on Flores between Moni an Ende
Rice fields on Flores
Bena Village
Bena Village near Bajawa
 Luba in Ngada
Luba village near Bajawa
Labuan Bajo - Flores Island - Indonesia
Labuan Bajo on Flores Island is port to Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park - Flores Island - Indonesia
Komodo Dragon
Private boat charter in Komodo
Boat (Cabins AC) example
Boot to Rinca and Komodo Island - cabins with fan - Flores Island - Indonesia
Boat (Cabins Fan) example
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