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Explore Ngada Villages near Bajawa and Volcano Kelimutu
4 Days/3 Nights Tour

Although Flores Island is predominantly Catholic, there are well preserved traditional villages where still megaliths are alive. These villages are isolated and embedded between two volcanoes Gunung Inerie and Gunung Deru. You can see here a certain form of folk architecture with shrines for male and female ancestors (Ngadhu and Bhaga) in the middle of these villages. Also the daily life today is influence by animistic rituals and ancestor worship. You can visit the villages Bena and Luba comfortably by with an overnight stay in Bajawa. The visit of another even more isolated Ngadha villages like Desa Gurusina, Desa Belaraghi, Desa Tololela is by hiking from/to Bajawa. It is also possible to overnight in the village of Tololela and Belaraghi and it is an unique experience.

Labuan Bajo - Bajawa - Volcano Kelimutu - Maumere

Day 1 :

Arrival with flight from Labuan Bajo to Bajawa

Pick up from the airport in Bajawa. Bajawa is the largest city in the Ngadha district and lies at the foot of the 2300m volcano Ineri, the highest volcano in Flores. After lunch in a local restaurant, visit the hot springs in SOA. Overnight in a hotel or guest house in Bajawa.

An alternative to the flight arrival by car:
From Labuan Bajo to Bajawa is a drive for about 9 to 11 hours through a beautiful landscape with many rice fields. An overnight stay in Ruteng is highly recommended. If you choose to travel over land to Bajawa with private car, this tour is 2days/1 night in Ruteng.

Day 2 :

Bajawa - Bena - Luba - Ende - Moni

After an early breakfast, we make a trip to Bena, one of the best preserved traditional villages in Ngadha district. The village consists of two rows of centuries old houses covered with grass. In the middle of the village, there's a sacrificial stones and cult houses, which were used for ritual ceremonies and sacrificial offerings. The people, who today lives and works in this village are Christians but still some of the old traditions and ancestor worship are alive here.

After the visit of Bena, we will visit an other traditional village Luba and than continue to Ende. We stop at the Penggajawa Beach, which is littered with many colored stones. The stones are predominantly blue to turquoise, but also green and red stones are in between. The stones are collected by the local population and sold as building material. Lunch is taken in a local restaurant in Ende and than we pass beautiful rice terraces on the ride from Ende to Moni, make photo stops and stop on street market in Nduaria, just before Moni. Accommodation is in Kelimutu Eco Lodge in Moni

Extension in Bajawa
For visit of more isolated traditional villages, such as Belaraghi, Tololela, Gurusina, you should schedule at least one more night in Bajawa and for trekking Gunung Ineri also one more additional night. Bajawa offers for hikers, culture - and naturlovers attractions for at least 1 extra night

Detour to the 17 Islands National Park in Riung
For this purpose you should plan additional 2 more nights in Riung with a boat trip to the islands in 17 Island National Park

Day 3 :

The 3-colored Lakes of the Volcano Kelimutu - Maumere

Kelimutu is a volcano close to the town of Moni in central of Flores Island in Indonesia . Kelimutu consists of three crater lakes and the colors of the lakes change over time by chemical reaction of any minerals contained in the lake triggered by volcano gas activity.

The local community considers these lakes a sacred place being the abode of the souls of the dead. The name Kelimutu itself is derived from the local language word 'keli', meaning 'mountain', and 'mutu', meaning 'boiling'.

The east lake is also called Im Tiwu Ata Polo, while the central lake is known as Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai( Lake of Young Men and Girls). These two lakes are separated by a shared crater wall and have at the moment both spectacular turquoise colours. The westernmost of the three lakes is called Tiwu Ata Mbupur or the lake for the souls of the elderly and wise people. Lake Kelimutu and its spectacular panorama is a "must to see" sightseeing on Flores Island.

Wake up early morning and after a cup of tea or coffee, drive in a comfortable air-conditioned private car with driver to to the renowned and unique Kelimutu National Park. Upon arrival at Kelimutu National Park walk from parking area for 1,5 km and then ascend 127 steps to the lookout at Kelimutu, at an altitude of 1690 meters above sea level. From here you can enjoy superb views of the tree volcanic crater. The terrain surroundings the lakes is spectacular, rugged and varied, and in this setting the colors of the three lakes are nothing less than astonishing. No one has managed to explain the cause of the colors or why they change.

From Kelimutu, drive downward to Moni passing beautiful rice fields and jungle forest. Make some stops for take picture or if you like walk some kilometers downward while you car is waiting. From the parking area at Kelimutu to the main street in Moni are 14km. Arriving in Moni you can decide to have late breakfast or early lunch at local restaurant. In Moni you can have a late breakfast or early lunch in a local restaurant.

Afternoon we drive to Maumere passing Sikka village on the south coast of Flores Island. This village is famous for the traditional ikat-weaving and the old church, dating from the end of 19 century.

You will stop at lovely Koka Beach for short relax and Wolowaru traditional village. It is also posible to have lunch on Paga Beach or in local restaurant in Wolowaru than we continue our journey to Maumere. Enjoy the breathtaking views of this spectacular volcanic terrain, with plantations and villages clinging to mountain sides. We can stop along the way to make short walks at points of interest. Depending on your choice you will stay in a comfortable and charming beach front bungalow in Amrita Beach Resort on the beautiful Waiara beach or in the stylish and as well comfortable Coconut Garden Beach Resort or in 4 Star Capa Resort in Maumere.

Day 4 :

Departure from Flores Island

The tour end with transfer to airport in Maumere for your flight to Bali or other Island in Indonesia.

Bena Village
Bena Village near Bajawa
 Luba in Ngada
Luba village near Bajawa
Rice fields on Flores between Moni an Ende
Rice fields on Flores
Volcano Kelimutu - Flores Island - Indonesia
Volcano Kelimutu
Koka Beach - Flores Island - Indonesia
Koka Beach
Alte Kirche im Dorf Sikka Flores Indonesien
Kelimutu, Sikka, Komodo, Rinca und viele andere Ausflüge Maumere auf Flores/Indonesien
Bajo village Wuring
Kelimutu, Sikka, Komodo, Rinca und viele andere Ausflüge auf Flores/Indonesien
Children in Wuring
Markt in Maumere - Flores Island - Indonesia
Markt in Maumere
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